Comparison of Clinical Effect of PFNA and Internal Fixation with Ana- tomical Locking Plate of Proximal Femur in Treatment of Intertrochan- teric Fracture of Femur

Xiang Qingtian


Purpose: To investigate the clinical value of proximal femoral nail antirotation and anatomical locking plate of proximal femur in the treatment of intertrochanteric fracture of femur. Methods: The study group is treated with PFNA internal fixation. The control group is treated by internal fixation with anatomical locking plate of proximal femur. Results: The time of operation, the amount of intraoperative bleeding and the time of fracture healing in the study group are significantly less than those in the control group. The incidence rate of complication in the study group (3.23%) is significantly lower than that in the control group (17.2%). Data comparison shows P <0.05. Conclusion: The curative effect and prognosis for patients with intertrochanteric fracture of femur treated by PFNA internal fixation are more ideal.

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