Observation on the Therapeutic Effects of Wenjing Decoction on Menstrual Disorders


Objective?To treat patients with menstrual disorders with Wenjing Decoction and analyze its therapeutic effects. Methods?80 patients with menstrual disorders were selected as the research subjects, and they were divided into two groups (experimental group and control group), with each group given different treatment methods. The control group was given conventional Western medical treatment while the experimental group was given Wenjing Decoction treatment, and the effects of different treatment methods on the patients were compared. Results: The total number of effectively treated patients in the experimental group (39 cases, 97.50%) was more than the that of the control group (25 cases, 62.50%), and the quality of life score of the experimental group (91.56±4.44 points) was higher that of the control group (81.72±3.19 points), and the number of menstrual recovery cycles (1.11±0.41) was less than that of the control group patients (2.42±1.25 times), P<0.05. Conclusion: The application of Wenjing Decoction for patients with menstrual disorders can significantly improve the treatment efficacy and is beneficial to improve the quality of life of the patients and shorten the number of cycles that menstruation starts to return to normal.