A Simulation Research on the Grid-Connected Control Technology of Single-Phase Inverters Based on MATLAB


Solar energy
Photovoltaic power generation
Grid-connected inverter circuit
MATLAB simulation




This paper primarily discusses the main circuit of single-phase inverter circuits. It begins by introducing the research context and the significance of the subject, then discusses the topology of grid-connected single-phase inverter circuits, continues by discussing the control strategy for grid-connected single-phase inverter circuits, realizes a sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) signal generation circuit and an inverse control algorithm program, and finally ensures good output waveform and fast dynamic response. In view of the hysteresis feature of the grid voltage’s synchronous signal sampling circuit, the acquisition function in digital signal processing (DSP) control chips is applied, and the reasons for the hysteresis phenomenon are thoroughly investigated. The reliability of the SPWM control algorithm is revealed through the results.


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