Progress in The Application of Nursing Care Based on ERAS Concept after Thoracolumbar Fracture Surgery
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ERAS concept
Thoracolumbar fracture surgery
Application progress



Submitted : 2024-02-23
Accepted : 2024-03-09
Published : 2024-03-24


Thoracic spine fracture is a common orthopedic injury that is usually caused by external forces acting directly on or transmitted to the thoracic spine through other parts of the spine. Thoracic spine fractures can be divided into two types: stable and unstable. An unstable fracture means that the relationship between the vertebral bodies is no longer stable, which may cause serious consequences such as spinal compression, nerve root compression, or spinal cord injury. Surgical treatment is often needed for patients with unstable fractures, nerve root compression, or spinal cord injury to restore stability and function to the thoracic spine. The probability of complications after thoracolumbar fracture surgery is high, which affects the outcome of surgical treatment. To improve postoperative rehabilitation outcomes, this article analyzed the value of nursing care based on the enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) concept for patients undergoing thoracolumbar fracture surgery.


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