Study on the Clinical Efficacy of Megestrol Acetate Dispersible Tablets in Adjuvant Treatment of Acute Leukemia
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Acute leukemia
Megestrol acetate dispersible tablets
Adjuvant therapy



Submitted : 2023-06-28
Accepted : 2023-07-13
Published : 2023-07-28


Objective: To analyze the clinical efficacy of megestrol acetate dispersible tablets in the adjuvant treatment of acute leukemia. Methods: 80 patients with acute leukemia admitted from December 2021 to December 2022 were randomly divided into two groups. The control group underwent chemotherapy, and the observation group took megestrol acetate dispersible tablets and underwent chemotherapy. The effect of the treatments were evaluated by analyzing the albumin (Alb) and prealbumin (Palb) indicators, and the adverse reactions were observed. Results: There was no significant difference in Alb and Palb indexes between the two groups before treatment (P > 0.05). After treatment, Alb and Palb indexes in the observation group were greater than those in the control group (P < 0.05). The incidence of adverse reactions in the control group was 20.00%, which was significantly higher than the observation group (5.00%), with P < 0.05. Conclusion: The combination of megestrol acetate dispersible tablets and chemotherapy is more effective in treating patients with acute leukemia, and the Alb and Palb indexes can be optimized. Besides, there are fewer adverse reactions, which means that the treatment is relatively safe.


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