Application of Whole-Process Management in Day Surgery for Endometrial Polyp
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Whole-process management
Endometrial polyp
Day surgery
Nursing safety



Submitted : 2023-06-11
Accepted : 2023-06-26
Published : 2023-07-11


Objective: To explore the effect of whole-process management model in nursing management of endometrial polyp day surgery. Methods: 266 patients that underwent endometrial polyp day surgery from January to December 2022 were selected for this study, and they were separated into an observation group (131 patients) and a control group (135 patients); the clinical data of the two groups were compared. Results: After intervention, the scores of Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A) of the patients in the observation group were lower than those in the control group (P < 0.05). The rate of postoperative complications in the observation group was lower than that in the control group (P < 0.05), and the satisfaction degree of the patients in the observation group was higher than that in the control group (P < 0.05). Conclusion: The application of the whole-course management model in endometrial polyp day surgery can alleviate patients’ anxiety, ensure the quality and safety of day surgery nursing, and improve patients’ satisfaction.


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