Epidemiological Survey on Vitamin A, D, E Levels of Pregnant Women in Baoding
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Pregnant women



Submitted : 2023-06-12
Accepted : 2023-06-27
Published : 2023-07-12


Objective: To understand the vitamin levels in pregnant women and its influencing factors and provide a basis for formulating scientific and reasonable vitamin supplement plans for pregnant women. Methods: Pregnant women with a pregnancy period of 12 weeks to 36 weeks in Baoding area were selected as the research subjects using the random sampling method. The sample size is estimated to be 5,000 people, and the diversity of the research subjects, such as age, education level, pregnancy, etc., were recorded through a survey. The content of the survey included the personal information of the research subjects, pregnancy conditions, eating habits, vitamin supplements taken, etc. At the same time, blood tests were carried out on the research subjects to detect indicators such as vitamin levels. Results: The results of serum measurement showed that the vitamin A level of pregnant women was 0.38 ± 0.12 mg/L, the vitamin E level was 13.51 ± 3.17 mg/L, and the vitamin D level was 17.82 ± 4.18 ng/L; the level of vitamin A of pregnant women in the first trimester was significantly lower than those in the second and third trimesters, and the level of vitamin E of pregnant women in second trimester was significantly higher than those in the first and third trimesters, with statistically significant differences (P < 0.05). The rate of vitamin A deficiency in the early stage was significantly higher than that in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, (P < 0.05); vitamin D deficiency existed in all pregnant women. Conclusion: Pregnant women should maintain a reasonable diet and eat more vitamin-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits, etc.; besides, pregnant women should take vitamin supplements under the guidance of doctors or professionals according to their own conditions; moreover, the publicity and education for pregnant women should be improved with more emphasis on vitamin supplementation.


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