Mediating Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on the Resilience and Mental Health of ICU Nurses
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Perceived organizational support
Mental health
ICU nurse
Intermediary analysis



Submitted : 2023-06-27
Accepted : 2023-07-12
Published : 2023-07-27


Objective: To investigate the mediating effect of organizational support on the relationship between resilience and anxiety-depression-stress by researching ICU nurses. Methods: A total of 675 ICU nurses in Shaanxi Province were surveyed using the organizational support scale, the resilience evaluation scale for medical staff, and the Depression-Anxiety-Stress Scale (DASS-21). Results: The resilience of ICU nurses had significant correlation with the level of organizational support (r = 0.448, P < 0.01), but was negatively correlated with depression (r = -0.238, P < 0.001), anxiety (r = -0.287, P < 0.01), and stress (r = -0.213, P < 0.01); the level of organizational support of ICU nurses was also negatively correlated with depression (r = -0.452,  P < 0.01), anxiety (r = -0.410, P < 0.01), and stress (r = -0.490, P < 0.01). The sense of organizational support played a mediating role between the resilience of ICU nurses and their depression-anxiety-stress, the mediating effect accounted for 78% of the total effect. Conclusion: The perceived organizational support and resilience is an important external protective factor for the mental health and ability of ICU nurses. The management departments should continue to pay attention to the mental health of ICU nurses, take effective measures to improve the sense of organizational support and resilience of nurses, and ensure the good mental health of ICU nurses.


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