Analysis of Influencing Factors of Preeclampsia on Postpartum Hemorrhage
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Postpartum hemorrhage in preeclampsia



Submitted : 2022-10-22
Accepted : 2022-11-06
Published : 2022-11-21


Postpartum hemorrhage is a serious complication of preeclampsia. The main influencing factors of Preeclampsia on postpartum hemorrhage include vascular disease, trophoblast differentiation and infiltration disorder, the influence of antispasmodic, sedative and antihypertensive drugs, the incidence of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy related to calcium deficiency, coagulation dysfunction, and decreased blood volume during pregnancy. In recent years, postpartum hemorrhage has been the leading cause of maternal death in the world. Therefore, it is critical to understand the influencing factors of preeclampsia on postpartum hemorrhage. Based on the research and guidelines of preeclampsia and postpartum hemorrhage in recent years, this paper analyzes the influencing factors of preeclampsia on postpartum hemorrhage, and provides new ideas for clinical reduction of postpartum hemorrhage.


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