Observation on the Curative Effect of Auricular Acupoint Sticking Combined with Acupoint Sticking in the Treatment of Diabetic Constipation


Auricular acupoint pressing
Acupoint application
Diabetes constipation
Treatment effect




The study was conducted to observe the clinical effect of acupoint and auricular point application on diabetes patients with constipation. Around 104 patients with diabetes and constipation were selected from the Hospital Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine from February 2021 to February 2022 as the study subjects. They were divided into groups by drawing lots. The experimental group carried out the combined analysis of acupoint and auricular point application based on the treatment methods of the control group. Meanwhile, the control group carried out the traditional treatment, and the evaluation index, including the improvement of constipation and the clinical effective rate data were included in the analysis. This study showed that, the total effective number of patients, times of defecation per week, time of defecation, and interval of defecation in the experimental group were greater, compared to control group (p < 0.05). In summary, diabetes patients with constipation, the auricular plaster and acupoint application can effectively improve the constipation symptoms, shorten the defecation time, improve the cure rate of the disease, and ensure the normal defecation cycle in the patients.


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