Retrospective Analysis of 128 Patients of Acupuncture Consultation After Pancreatic Surgery


General hospital
Acupuncture consultation
Gastrointestinal dysfunction after pancreatic surgery




Abstract?Objective: To analyze and summarie the the current situation of acupuncture consultation of postoperative patients for pancreatic caner in Qilu hospital of Shandong University and provide reference for acupuncture treatment of postoperative complications after pancreatic surgery.effect of acupuncture in treating gastrointestinal dysfunction after pancreatic surgery.Methods: Consultation reasons, diagnosis, treatments, patient compliance and effect of 128 cases from October 9,2020 to October 9,2021 was statistical analyzed. Result? A total of 128 patients were involved, 116 of those were completely treated. Effective rate of acupuncture for early postoperative inflammatory bowel obstruction was 94.85 % ?for postoperative gastric emptying dysfunction was 81.25% ? for early postoperative inflammatory bowel obstruction with gastric emptying disorder was 66.67 %and clinical total effective rate was 91.38 %.Conclusion: Acupuncture can promote pancreatic gastrointestinal function rehabilitation and provide new methods for enhanced recovery after surgery concept.


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