Survey on Knowledge Toward Diabetic Periodontal Condition and Oral Health Among Medical Staff and Patients


Periodontal disease
Oral health knowledge
Cognitive status




The study was conducted to understand the cognitive status of medical staff and patients on the status of periodontal disease and oral health care in patients with diabetes, and to provide reference for the implementation and improvement of diabetes management and health education. Using the Diabetes Periodontal Status and Oral Health Knowledge Questionnaire, 108 doctors, 190 nurses, and 212 inpatients were investigated. This study demonstrated that, the total scores of doctors, nurses, and patients with diabetes periodontal status and oral health knowledge were (31.18 ± 5.14), (28.58 ± 4.09) and (18.67 ± 3.45) points, respectively. The results of regression analysis showed that education level, department, and related training experience (p < 0.05, p < 0.01) were the influencing factors of the diabetic periodontal status and oral health knowledge level of the medical staff, meanwhile the monthly income, department, and relevant training experience (p < 0.05, p < 0.01) were the factors influencing the diabetic periodontal status and oral health care knowledge level of the patients. In summary, the cognitive level of diabetic periodontal status and oral health care knowledge of the medical staff and patients’ needs to be improved. Medical staff should pay attention to the study of diabetic periodontal status and oral health care knowledge, further perform a good job in the relevant health education of patients, which is helpful to maintain good oral hygiene.


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