Analysis of Gas Flow Rate and Pressure Loss of Medical Mask Differential Pressure Tester


Medical mask
Differential pressure
Flow rate
Pressure loss
Fluid simulation




The objective of this study is to find a suitable method to overcome the pressure loss problem in the gas pipe during the gas exchange detection of medical masks. Based on the European Standards EN 14683, the parameters of a medical mask differential pressure tester were selected, subsequently two schemes of gas pipe layouts were designed, including four kinds of pipe diameter which are 4, 5, 6.5, and 8mm respectively. Lastly, the models of each scheme were established and imported into Fluent, and the relevant parameters were set for simulation. After data analysis, the results showed that among the four different pipe diameters, the pressure loss of 8mm diameter of the pipe was lower in both the schemes, additionally the pressure loss of the second scheme (the gas pipe was short and smooth) was lower under the same pipe diameter. At the flow rate of v = 8L/min, the pressure loss from the inlet to the measurement point is less than 200Pa, and the estimated measurement error is less than 1.5%. In conclusion, shortening the length of the pipe, and increasing the diameter of the pipe can reduce the gas pressure loss, subsequently improve the measurement accuracy of the medical mask differential pressure tester.


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