Special Issue: Clinical Dental and Medical Health Prospects--Call for Papers

Special Issue Editors

Dr. Deepak Gupta

Guest Editor


M.M. College of Dental Sciences and Research, Mullana, Ambala, Haryana, India

Interests: Oral Health; Oral systemic connection; Oral Manifestations of Systemic diseases; Oral Cancer


Dear Colleagues

The “Clinical Dental and Medical Health prospects” will be a thematic issue that will be published in “Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research”. 

This issue will publish original contributions inclined towards the role of importance of Oral Health, Medical Health, and their impact on quality of life. In other words, this issue will highlight the role of diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry and medicine. This issue will aim to promote and advance the art and science of medical and dental health and its rehabilitation and to provide a platform for different Oral and general physicians to highlight their valuable research which may be of use to the healthcare community and to the public.

We all know that Health is crucial for the overall health of an individual with pertinent evidence in the literature. Several organizations are even acknowledging the fact to consider oral health as a medical issue. But still there exists a lag in the integration of Oral Health with Medical Care  We all know that many systemic diseases have oral manifestations. It is also well known that Oral Health can affect the treatment of systemic diseases. Further, there are several oral diseases that actually affect general health indirectly. But the patient and practitioner are sometimes unaware   SO this issue will address the problems related to general health, oral health, and paranormal structures; the diagnostic modalities related to the diagnosis of such problems.



-Oral Health

-Overall Health

-Oral systemic connection

-Oral Manifestations of Systemic diseases

-Oral Cancer

-Oral Precancer

-Dental Education

-Medical Education

-Quality of life of dental and medical practitioners