Analysis Of Urban Planning Instruments in Comala, Colima, Mexico (1997–2009) from a Gender Perspective — A Secondary Publication
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Planning instruments
Gender perspective
Urban planning



Submitted : 2023-12-30
Accepted : 2024-01-14
Published : 2024-01-29


This work is carried out based on the analysis of urban planning instruments, taking the gender perspective as a foundation. It arises from the inclusion of women in the participation of urban development, through an analysis of the gender gaps that have marked the history of women, the inequalities serve as a basis for carrying out this study. It highlights the challenges we face today as a society in the process of building citizen participation, where we must all be recognized and have equal opportunities within the territory in which we live. This article analyzes the extent to which the Municipal Urban Development Programs of the Mexican municipality of Comala, Colima, Mexico, consider the recommendations on gender and urbanism, established since the 1990s by international entities and applied transversally to urban planning policies. Considerable differences are found between women and men in terms of empowerment and participation in urban territorial planning instruments, mainly in the oldest instrument (1997). Significant progress is observed in the most recent document and is currently in force in the municipality of Comala (2009).


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