Seismic Reduction and Isolation Design Strategies for Bridges in High-Intensity Earthquake Areas
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High-intensity earthquake areas
Rubber isolation
Seismic reinforcement technology



Submitted : 2023-12-30
Accepted : 2024-01-14
Published : 2024-01-29


High-intensity earthquakes can cause severe damage to bridges, buildings, and ground surfaces, as well as disrupt human activities. Such earthquakes can create long-distance, high-intensity surface movements that negatively impact bridge structures. This article delves into the seismic reduction and isolation design strategies for bridges in highintensity earthquake areas. It analyzes various seismic reduction and isolation technologies and provides case studies to help relevant units understand the design strategies of these technologies. The results of this article can be used as a guideline to effectively enhance the seismic performance of bridges in high-intensity earthquake areas.


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