Analysis of the Architectural Design Talent Development Direction by Investigating the Employment Status of Architectural Design Graduates
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Employment Investigation
Architectural Design
Talents Development
Teaching Reform



Submitted : 2023-10-29
Accepted : 2023-11-13
Published : 2023-11-28


Based on a comprehensive investigation of the employment status of architectural design graduates at a certain university, this paper analyzes the correctness of the talent development direction of architectural design in hopes of providing a valuable reference for further teaching reform and strengthening school-enterprise collaboration. The research results show that architectural design is the main choice of graduates, accounting for as high as 63%, and traditional architectural design skills continue to be in demand in the market. Employment in fields such as interior design, BIM design, and green architecture is also included. The distribution of job positions for graduates is mainly in the areas of scheme design assistants and construction drawing design, requiring software operation, communication, scheme design, and construction drawing skills. This paper also proposes talent development measures such as optimizing the curriculum, strengthening faculty construction, and deepening school-enterprise collaboration, in order to improve the quality of talent development and the competitiveness of graduates.


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