Revitalizing Island Villages: A Comprehensive Analysis of Sustainable Landscape Renewal Strategies Through the Three-Pillar Conception
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Island villages
Rural landscape
Production-living-ecological space
Rural revitalization



Submitted : 2023-10-29
Accepted : 2023-11-13
Published : 2023-11-28


In recent years, the study of production-living-ecological space has progressively expanded from urban to rural areas. With the onset of a new era in rural development, diverse requirements for rural landscapes have emerged. Consequently, rural landscape planning in this new era is incorporating the three-pillar conception of sustainability. Island villages, with their distinct natural ecology and marine resources compared to inland villages, offer unique conditions, resulting in the production of diversified landscape types with significant development potential. Despite the limited attention given to the domestic development of island villages, this paper delves into the analysis of the three-pillar conception of sustainability and explores landscape protection strategies and renewal modes specific to island villages. To illustrate these concepts, East Xiaoqing Island Village in Rushan City, Weihai City serves as a case study.


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