Research on the Reform of the Course “Reading of Concrete Structure Plan and Construction Drawings” Under the Background of “Promoting Teaching and Learning Through Competitions”
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Promoting teaching through competitions
Promoting learning through competitions
Reading of concrete structure plan method construction drawings
Course reform



Submitted : 2023-06-28
Accepted : 2023-07-13
Published : 2023-07-28


The inherent teaching approach can no longer meet the demands of society. In this paper, current issues within the teaching landscape of architectural engineering technology in higher vocational colleges as well as the policies and teaching demands that formed the basis of this model were analyzed. The study shows the importance of the implementation of the teaching model “promoting teaching and learning through competitions.” This model puts emphasis on the curriculum and teaching resources, while also integrating the teaching process and evaluation with competition. These efforts aim to drive education reform in order to better align with the objectives of vocational education personnel training, while also acting as a reference for similar courses.


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