Comparative Analysis of Application of Seismic Wave Reflection Method in Advanced Geological Prediction
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Seismic wave reflection method
Vibration source



Submitted : 2023-02-27
Accepted : 2023-03-14
Published : 2023-03-29


Seismic wave reflection method is an advanced geophysical detection method in tunnel geological prediction. It is more sensitive and effective in detecting geological anomalies such as fault fracture zone and karst. In order to verify the prediction efficacy and accuracy of the seismic wave reflection method with different instruments and equipment (tunnel geological prediction [TGP]/tunnel seismic prediction [TSP]) and different vibration modes (hammering, explosives), a comparison test was carried out in Jinping Tunnel. The test results showed that the time-consumption of the hammering source was short, which can greatly reduce the impact on the construction site; different vibration sources methods of seismic wave reflection can predict the unfavorable geological sections accurately.


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