Research on Teaching Practice System Based on BIM


BIM technology
Course teaching
Practice system




Building information modeling (BIM) course is a subject course integrating project management course and BIM Technology. BIM-based engineering project teaching is different from traditional engineering project management. It has many advantages such as information creation, information management, digital management of information sharing, and so on, which improves the integration of project management as a whole. Therefore, it is crucial to improve the curriculum system of colleges and universities by setting up BIM courses, and to integrate BIM knowledge into the curriculum system. Setting up BIM courses and integrating BIM knowledge into the curriculum system have also been the highlight for colleges and universities. The engineering management major of the university is combined with the BIM curriculum system to adjust the relevant talent training plan. Foreign countries have gradually integrated BIM technology into the classroom teaching system, and domestic curriculum teaching is undergoing a reform and is under development. Through a systematic link between theory and practical education, a targeted, accurate, and efficient characteristic curriculum system for engineering management specialty has been developed.


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