Research on Construction of Bill of Quantities of Prefabricated Buildings Based on BIM
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Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Prefabricated building
Bill of quantities



Submitted : 2022-08-16
Accepted : 2022-08-31
Published : 2022-09-15


Building Information Model (BIM) Technology can be widely used in various construction fields. The construction quality and project cost of the prefabricated construction industry based on BIM can be effectively controlled. Based on BIM Technology, the integration of bill of quantities can effectively control the cost of prefabricated construction and improve competitiveness in the bidding process. Based on this, the characteristics and advantages of bill of quantities pricing based on BIM were expounded in this paper. Besides, the structure and content construction of bill of quantities were analyzed, followed by an analysis of pricing control strategy based on BIM were analyzed for assembly building quantities for reference.


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