Safety Analysis of Umbilical Vein Puncture Guided by B-Ultrasound in Prenatal Diagnosis
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B-ultrasound guidance
Umbilical vein puncture
Prenatal diagnosis



Submitted : 2024-01-28
Accepted : 2024-02-12
Published : 2024-02-27


Objective: To explore the safety of umbilical vein puncture guided by B-ultrasound in prenatal diagnosis. Methods: Patients undergoing prenatal examinations in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology from February 2023 to February 2024 were selected as the observational subjects. A total of 90 cases were included. Umbilical vein puncture was performed under B-ultrasound guidance to observe puncture safety. Results: The one-time puncture success rate of umbilical vein puncture under B-ultrasound guidance in 90 patients was 97.78%, with an average puncture time of 8.43 ± 1.04 minutes. Fetal heart rate slowed down in 2 cases during umbilical vein puncture guided by B-ultrasound and in 3 patients after surgery, resulting in an incidence rate of 5.56%. Logistic nonlinear multifactor analysis indicated that puncture time and the number of successful punctures were correlated. Additionally, fetal cardiovascular system abnormalities emerged as an independent risk factor for fetal heart rate slowdown, with a statistical value of P < 0.05. Conclusion: The one-time success rate of umbilical vein puncture guided by B-ultrasound for prenatal diagnosis is high. Early identification of high-risk groups and the implementation of targeted measures can reduce puncture adverse events and ensure the safety of prenatal diagnosis.


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