Enhancing Obstructive Pregnancy Teaching in Chinese Medicine Gynecology Through PBL and Flipped Classroom
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Flipped classroom
Traditional Chinese medicine gynecology
Pregnancy obstruction
Teaching model



Submitted : 2023-11-26
Accepted : 2023-12-11
Published : 2023-12-26


With the advancement of medical specialties, there arises a crucial need in today’s society for the continual development of high-quality medical talents and physicians. Traditional teaching models have become inadequate to meet the current demands of teaching Chinese medicine gynecology. To further advance the implementation of the student-centered education concept, the Teaching and Research Office of Chinese Medicine Gynecology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has embraced a teaching approach that combines problem-based learning (PBL) with a flipped classroom model, specifically applied to the chapter “Traditional Chinese Medicine Gynecology – Obstruction of Pregnancy.” This paper delves into the PBL combined with flipped classroom teaching mode, discussing its effectiveness and laying out specific requirements for both teachers and students. These efforts aim to establish a robust foundation for the cultivation of clinical and practical medical talents.


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