Application of Non-thermal Commscope Irradiation in Preventing Com- plications of Hemodialysis Fistula


Abstract: Objective: To ensure that the patient’s treatment and control of the patient’s blood in the course of long-term dialysis, in order to ensure the blood flow rate at the rate of hemodialysis in the blood vessel of hemodialysis patients, mortality rate. Methods: In many Western countries, it has been found from the experience of long-term accumulation, arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is the first choice for long-term dialysis blood patients, which has a lot of a little bit, not only from the infection rate and blood flow, which has a lot of advantages.But its existence is also a lot of complications, non-thermal Commscope irradiation is a very effective way. Results: The method was compared with the method, and it was found that P <0.05, which was statistically significant. Conclusion: AVF is the preferred method of vascular access in patients with persistent dialysis, which is very easy to be punctured and has a very long time for maintenance. It is very important to carry out the treatment, treatment and surveillance of AVF complications and the use of means.