Research Progress of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Dressing Change on Wound Healing After Anal Fistula Surgery
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Chinese and Western medicine
Anal fistula
Treatment methods
Wound healing



Submitted : 2023-03-21
Accepted : 2023-04-05
Published : 2023-04-20


With the change of people’s lifestyle and diet, the incidence of anorectal diseases is increasing year by year. Anal fistula is a common anorectal disease. Because it cannot heal by itself, surgery has become the main treatment method. Due to the particularity of wound location and physiological structure, the wound is easily contaminated by bacteria, so dressing change after surgery plays a decisive role in wound healing. Modern western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have different dressing changing methods respectively. In this paper, we reviewed commonly used dressing changing methods of traditional Chinese and western medicine after anal fistula surgery.


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