An Investigation into the Needs of Community Health Service for Residents in Tianjin


This article will investigate on the current needs of community service for residents in Tianjin city by providing nursing services at a targeted community. The demands for community nursing services in Tianjin city were investigated by sending questionnaire to targeted general residents and communities. As collected from the questionnaire, the most common diseases that were mentioned are Hypertension (33.2%), Coronary Heart Disease (27.8%) and Diabetes (15.7%). 63.0% of the residents have health records and 79.7% of the residents have seen a doctor in community hospitals. As results, the highest demands on general nursing services in the community are a regular physical examination, health consultations and regular home visits. Moreover, the control and management service demands specifically for chronic diseases are a regular heart rate examination, blood pressure examination, blood sugar examination, drug administration and a diet management. In conclusion, as the age structure of community is higher, a higher demand are needed in providing health services such as caring for chronic disease patients and geriatric, which is conducive in improving the quality and the satisfactory needs of health services for residents in Tianjin, China.


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