Impact of Environment on Health: Nurse’s Role


ABSTRACT: Human life without environment is not at all possible, recent years due to huge urbanization and rise in technology affecting the health in a worst manner, ultimately we are only the responsible, Objectives :This article focuses to create awareness regarding environmental health problems. This article focuses on the issues, information to environmental health problems including sources of toxicants. The resources for nurses to prevent, minimize, to treat adverse environmental exposures. To draw attention of NGOs and Govt. There are many report (TOI) says that 70% of Indians doesn’t breathe fresh air due to air pollution and not able to get safe drinking/adequate water its due to water pollution and major cause for this is huge increase in population, fastest growing urbanization. Heavy pollution occurred such air, water, food and huge chemicals using for growing crops also the main reason to reduce life-span as well as increase the risk of developing diseases. The nurse plays a pivotal role in prevention of environmental related risk and illness by continuous touch with the community peoples. The Nurse plays a pivotal role in prevention of health problems with regard to environment, primarily should have thorough knowledge about environmental impact in health and prevent.  Nurse is foremost person who will assist in screening, diagnosis and alleviating health symptoms at the all the levels of health care.