Gender based Violence Causing Severe Multiple Inju- ries: a Case Report

Adalard Falschung


Introduction: Gender-based violence (GBV) against women has been identified as a global health and development issue. We repor2222ted a case of GBV causing severe, multiple injuries in a middle age female.  Case report:  A 40-year-old female presented to emergency room with disturbed level of consciousness, shortness of breath and multiple patches of skin discoloration. On examination; the patient was semi conscious, , multiple echimosis, bilateral decrease air entry.  Computed tomography scan of the chest and neck showed six rib fracture on left side, eight rib fracture on the right side, sternal fracture, manubriosternal dislocation,  bilateral mild to moderate hemothorax, fracture of body of dorsal vertebrae nine and 11, fracture of the spine of cervical 2 and 6. The patient was intubated and admitted to ICU. The patient was discharged home with good health after 23 day admission. Conclusion:  GBV is still a cause of severe trauma that puts the patient's life at risk.  

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