Clinical Effect of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
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Combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine
Clinical treatment
Diabetic peripheral neuropathy



Submitted : 2021-10-31
Accepted : 2021-11-15
Published : 2021-11-30


Objective: Patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy were treated with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and the final results were observed. Methods: 70 patients with such symptoms were randomly divided into two groups. The number of people is the same, and the treatment methods are different. The control group uses western medicine, while the observation group uses traditional Chinese medicine to evaluate the treatment effect. Results: After treatment, the effective rate of the observation group was (P < 0.05), indicating that the treatment effect was significantly better. Conclusion: Patients with clinical diabetic peripheral neuropathy treated with routine nutrition and nerve repair, and with Chinese medicine, the effect is more satisfactory, and the effect is positive, so as to promote the optimization of their health.


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