Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Treating Dysphagia After Stroke
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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment



Submitted : 2021-10-31
Accepted : 2021-11-15
Published : 2021-11-30


Dysphagia is a common complication after stroke, which does not only affect the quality of life of patients, but also increase the risk of death. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment has always played an important role in the clinical treatment of dysphagia after stroke, but its mechanism has not been fully elucidated. Literatures on the use of TCM for the disease in the recent 5 years have been reviewed, and the problems existing in the development and treatment of the disease are discussed in this article, in an attempt to provide new ideas for the treatment of the disease. This paper presents a summary of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for the disease in the past five years, including traditional Chinese medicine compound and acupuncture.


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