Clinical Analysis of Virological Tests for Patients with Hepatitis B

Liu Ren wei


Objective: Objectives: To discuss the results of virological tests for patience with hepatitis B, improve the correctness and accuracy of virological tests for hepatitis B and accumulate experience in clinical diagnosis and testing work for hepatitis B. Methods: By selecting 206 patients with hepatitis B who underwent virological and serological tests in the laboratory department at our hospital to analyze the materials of virological and clinical laboratory results for their hepatitis B. Results: HBsAg positive takes up 84.0%,HBsAb positive 10.7%, HBeAg positive 45.6%, HBeAb positive 57.8% and HBcAb positive 78.2%. Conclusion: It is of crucial importance to perform virological tests for patients with hepatitis B, examine five markers of hepatitis B virus accurately and take timely and effective preventive and therapeutic measures. 

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