Analysis on the Effect of Application of the DIEP Flap in Breast Reconstruction Surgery


Breast reconstruction surgery means using autologous tissue grafts and breast prosthesis to rebuild chest wall deformities and the absence of breast caused by post mastectomy, which are possibly due to burns, trauma, infections, congenital dysplasia and sex reassignment surgery etc., with the prevalence of unilateral breast reconstruction. After attempting to carry out breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi, many surgeons constantly improved, designed, and modified multiple forms of operation programs and thus promote increasing improvement in repair and reconstruction of the breast after breast reduction surgery and mastectomy for breast cancer [1] Currently, breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery is just in the early stage while it has occupied an important position in developed countries,therefore, the knowledge of breast reconstruction needs to be enhanced and publicized in our country. Some data show the quality of life in patients following breast reconstruction surgery is significantly higher than that in patients undergoing lumpectomy plus radiotherapy or simple mastectomy. More and more patients pursue breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. Breast reconstruction is roughly divided into lost chest wall skin repair, hemispherical breast reconstruction, anterior axillary fold repair, plastic surgery for subclavian depression, nipple and areola reconstruction and asymmetrical breast repair. In the reconstruction of breasts, it is necessary to endeavor to make the rebuilt breast symmetrical to the healthy side so that future adjustment will be simple and easily feasible.