Research Progress of Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Treatment of Infertility in Older Women


Senile infertility
Integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine
Research progress




The main cause of infertility in elderly women is poor ovarian function, decreased quality and number of oocytes, which ultimately leads to poor fertility. Low ovarian function is the most difficult point in the research of reproductive medicine and reproductive health. At present, the treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine has gradually achieved results. Western medicine mainly regulates endocrine and assisted reproductive treatment by supplementing estrogen and progesterone, while traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) mainly focuses on invigorating the kidney, adding and subtracting according to the syndrome. The treatment effect of TCM or western medicine alone is not significant. Many clinical observations show that integrated TCM and western medicine focuses on the specialties of western medicine, which not only makes up for the insufficiency of the slow action of TCM, but also improves its clinical efficacy when combined with western medicine. Based on domestic and foreign research, this article summarizes the treatment of infertility in elderly women with integrated TCM and western medicine.


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