Discussion on the Characteristics and Symptom Classification of COVID-19 in Chinese Medicine


Damp virus pandemic
Triple energizer
Symptom classification and treatment




Covid-19 (Novel coronavirus pneumonia, NCP) was characterized by fever, dry cough, fatigue, greasy tongue coating and pulsating pulse. According to the literature, with those four symptoms, examination and identification, it is believed that NCP belongs to the category of “pandemic” in Chinese medicine. The main infection is dampness, infection location in triple energizer, the basic pathogenesis is characterized by “dampness, phlegm, blood stasis heat, toxin and deficiency.” According to the law of blood transfer of symptom differentiation of triple energizer and weiqi-yingxue the treatment is divided into stages, such as early stage, middle stage, severe stage and recovery stage. Most of the patients were early stage and middle stage, which were the direct transmission of the disease. A small number of patients had the reverse transmission of pericardium and the internal and external detachment. The main method of treatment is to remove infection, remove dampness and detoxify. In addition, to grasp the treatment of early stage and middle stage patients, helps to stop the disease from developing, and it is the key to reduce the criticality of the disease, as well as reduce the mortality.


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