Study on Allergic Rhinitis of Artemisia Sphaerocephala


Artemisia ordosica L
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Objective: To explore the cause and feasibility of Artemisia ordosica allergic rhinitis. Methods: The main allergic causes of allergic rhinitis patients in Chifeng City of inner Mongolia were analyzed by a control method. Results: According to the results, Artemisia ordosica is the most important cause of allergic rhinitis in inner Mongolia. In addition, allergic history, asthma and other diseases, or animal hair and other factors can also increase the risk of patients with allergic rhinitis. Conclusions: Artemisia sphaerocephala is the main cause of allergic rhinitis. In recent years, allergic rhinitis has attracted the attention of international organizations, and the medical community has also studied more methods for the treatment of rhinitis, such as putting forward relevant traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment methods.


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