Application Research of Perioperative Clinical Pathway Based on Accelerated Rehabilitation Surgery Strategy in Patients with ERCP


Accelerated rehabilitation surgery
Perioperative period
Clinical path
Nursing effect




Objective: To explore the effects of perioperative clinical pathway of accelerated rehabilitation surgery strategy in patients undergoing cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). Methods: Randomly selected 40 patients undergoing ERCP from our hospital which is People’s Hospital, Jingjiang City, for research, and divided the patients into two groups. The 20 patients who were given conventional education methods were set as the reference group, and the 20 patients who were given perioperative clinical pathway care with accelerated rehabilitation surgery strategies were the research group, where the clinical nursing effect of the two groups was statistically compared. Results: According to clinical observation and statistics, the study group’s postoperative time to eat for the first time, time to get out of bed, hospitalization time, and surgical blood loss were better than those of the reference group, P<0.05; the anxiety and depression scores of the study group were lower than those after nursing in the reference group, P<0.05; the incidence of complications in the study group was lower than that in the reference group, and patient satisfaction was higher than that in the reference group, where both P<0.05. Conclusion: The application of perioperative clinical pathway care based on the strategy of accelerated rehabilitation surgery can achieve significant results in ERCP patients, which can effectively improve the surgical indicators of patients and reduce the risk of complications.


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