Research Progress of the Wild Medicinal Plant, Pinellia ternata


Pinellia ternata Thunb
Traditional Chinese medicine resources
Identification of crude drugs
Active ingredient




Based on literature reviews and analysis of research reports on Pinellia ternata found locally and abroad in recent years, this article summarizes and arranges them. The research on Pinellia ternata mainly focuses on its cultivation, tissue culture, and so on. There are only a few research on its active components and its regulation mechanism. The wild resources of Pinellia ternata are gradually decreasing, hence it is urgent to take effective measures to protect these wild resources as well as to establish germplasm resources bank and nursery. In order to meet the needs of the domestic market, it is necessary to investigate the distribution of wild Pinellia ternata resources, explore the best growing environment and conditions, artificially cultivate Pinellia ternata, as well as implement resource industrialization, sustainable development, and utilization.


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