Application Effect of Detail Nursing in Neurosurgery Patients


Objective: To explore the effect of detail nursing in neurosurgery. Methods: 72 cases of neurosurgery patients in our hospital from July 2018 to June 2020 were selected as the research sample, and they were divided into detail nursing group and routine nursing group, with 36 cases in each group. The retrospective analysis method was used to compare the effect of nursing intervention between the two groups. Results: The scores of anxiety (23.25±1.97*), depression (25.75±2.53*) and social activity ability (23.13±2.36*) in detail nursing group were higher than those in routine nursing group; The nursing satisfaction of detail nursing group was 35 cases (97.22%), significantly higher than that of routine nursing group 26 cases (72.22%), P < 0.05, with statistical significance. Conclusion: Through the details of neurosurgery patients nursing means, to improve the prognosis of patients with recovery and improve the quality of life have significant effect, can reduce the complications of patients with prognosis, improve the patient's cognition of details of nursing, reduce the contradiction between doctors and patients, improve nursing satisfaction, has high clinical application and promotion value.