Effect of Case Management Nursing Service on Compliance Behavior and Quality of Life of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis


Objective: To explore the effect of case management nursing service on compliance behavior and quality of life of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Methods: 69 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis patients in our hospital from September 2019 to August 2020 were selected as the research objects. The 69 patients were divided into study group (35 cases) and control group (34 cases). The compliance behavior, quality of life and nursing satisfaction of pulmonary tuberculosis patients were studied and analyzed. Results: The compliance rate of the control group was 82.35%, and that of the study group was 97.14%;The quality of life in the control group was [61.32 ± 7.66], which was significantly lower than that in the study group [71.12 ± 7.23];The satisfaction rate of the study group was 97.14%, which was significantly higher than 73.53% of the control group. Conclusion: In the treatment of tuberculosis patients, the use of case management nursing service can effectively improve the quality of life of patients, improve the compliance behavior of patients, and improve the treatment effect of patients, which is worthy of promotion.