Research Progress on the Home-based Healthcare Plan for the Elderly with Chronic Diseases


Objective: To develop a home-based care plan for the elderly person with chronic diseases based on the status of their home-based care needs and relevant literature. Methods: The clinical data consisted of 132 patients who were 60-year-old or older with chronic diseases from June 2019 to May 2020 were selected and categorized into control and treatment groups of 66 patients each. For the experimental group, a care team for chronically ill elderly receiving regular post-treatment home-based care. Meanwhile, a general clinical care team for chronically ill elderly receiving regular treatment for the control group. The effectiveness of these two healthcare models was evaluated and analyzed. Results: Results showed that satisfaction and effectiveness of home-based care among the elderly with chronic diseases were statistically better (P<0.05) than those in the usual care group. Conclusion: Providing home-based care services to elderly patients with chronic illnesses helps them to improve their chronic disease condition, patients are more receptive to home care, and patients have higher rates of recovery and treatment satisfaction.