Analysis on the Reasons of Reducing the Backwashing of Stomatological Equipment in Disinfection Supply Center


In the disinfection supply center, it is possible to improve the
qualified rate of cleaning, to ensure the success of sterilization, to
prevent and control the occurrence of infection in stomatological
hospital. Methods: A total of 18,857 oral instruments were washed
from July to October 2015 and January to April, respectively, and
2,040 pieces were returned. Through analysis and comparison, the
factors related to the increase of the instrument washing rate were
analyzed and tracked. The results showed that the rinsing rate of
oral instrument was reduced from 14.17% to 7.63%. Conclusion:
In the hospital disinfection supply center equipment before the
implementation of pretreatment and classification equipment into
the mouth of the cleaning basket, to improve the cleaning pass rate,
and reduce the back to work.