The Clinical Experience of Prof. Zhang Xiaofeng in the Treatment of Small Follicular, Ovulatory Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine


With the popularization of clinical ultrasound technology, small follicular ovulation infertility is gradually being recognized in clinical practice. Low follicle ovulation refers to the phenomenon that the average value of the three diameter lines of the dominant follicle is less than 14mm-18mm under continuous ultrasound monitoring. The dominant follicle ovulates before it develops to maturity, which is a kind of ovulation disorder and one of the leading causes of unexplained infertility, accounting for 25%-30% of the total number of patients with infertility. At present, Western medicine mostly uses ovulation, stimulating drugs to treat this disease. Still, due to the clinical result of "high ovulation but low pregnancy", there are certain obstacles in treatment. The purpose of this article is to discuss Zhang Xiaofeng's understanding of TCM of this disease. The tutor believes that the location of the disease is in the kidney, and the mechanism of the disease is kidney yin deficiency and blood heat. The treatment principle is sequential therapy, nourishing yin and clearing heat, taking into account the protection of the spleen and stomach, and the therapeutic effect is perfect.