The Treatment of Chinese Herbal Prescription in a 43 Year-old Woman with Sjogren Syndrome: A Case Report


Background: Sjögren syndrome(SS) is a long-term autoimmune disease that affects the body's moisture-producing glands. It can occur independently of other health problems (primary disease) or as a result of another connective tissue disorder(secondary disease). Medication is directed at the person's symptoms. Recently, it is reported that prescription of Chinese medicine has a great effect on SS and reduce adverse drugs reaction, which can provide a more safer treatment to SS. Case presentation: We here report a 43 year-old Chinese patient with continuous immune thrombocytopenia diagnosed as Sjögren syndrome, who was not response to routine medication such as Methylprednisolone and acyclovir. After that, the patient was treated by prescription of Chinese medicine, and the symptoms were improved apparently. We suppose that prescription of Chinese medicine has an unexpected effect on SS, which can alleviate patient’s symptoms. Conclusion: The clinical efficacy of Sjogren syndrome(SS) is effective in the treatment of prescription of Chinese medicine. It can improve patient’s symptoms and reduce adverse drug reactions.