On the Treatment of Insomnia with Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture Based on the Therapy of “Regulating Mental Activities and Smoothing the Liver”


As a common clinical disease, insomnia was usually treated with anti-psychotic or sedative-hypnotic drugs in Western medicine, which showed a fast efficacy, as well as easy drug tolerance and side effects. In traditional Chinese medicine, the basic and key pathogenesis of insomnia are believed to be “the restlessness of the mind”, as well as “the absence of the mind”; and the treatment mainly focus on “regulating mental activities and smoothing the liver”. By combining the theoretical basis and characteristics of Fang’s scalp acupuncture, this paper aims to explain the advantages of Fang’s scalp acupuncture in the treatment of insomnia, and provide new ideas and methods for its clinical treatment.