Exploration of Infection Prevention and Control Practice of Designated Hospitals in During Corona Virus Disease 2019 Epidemic Period


Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a new infectious disease that appeared in wuhan in December 2019 Since January 23, the national health and fitness commission has required hospitals to be designated in accordance with the principle of "concentrating patients, experts, resources and treatment". Designated hospitals are often the strength of the general hospital and general hospital complex layers of various kinds of personnel, campus area is large, multi-channel, ordinary outpatient accepts people more, for emergency and severe cases treatment in patients with normal difficulty pressure big, suspected/confirmed cases, combined with the COVID-19 occurred when the traditional holiday, the country launched the emergency response since, process reform faces a difficult labor, shortage of manpower, protective shortages, short time limit, and many other difficulties, hospital infection prevention and control is facing unprecedented pressure. In this paper, the West China-Guang'an Hospital, Sichuan University (Guang'an people's hospital) as a designated hospital, on the basis of the relevant scheme of the national health committee, epidemic prevention and control of the actual, combined with comprehensive hospital leadership, manpower allocation, protection, security, patient management, disinfection isolation, preview triage, preventive measures, training, monitoring, etc., with practical experience summary for the COVID-19 during the hospital infection prevention and control to improve the practice exploration.