Research on the Effects of the Extract of Polygala fallax Hemsl on Sex Hormones and ?-EP in Perimenopausal Rat Models


Objective: To study the effects of the ethnic medicine Polygala fallax Hemsl with Guangxi characteristics on the sex hormones and ?-EP in research objective perimenopausal rat models. Methods: 40 female SPF rats were randomly divided into 4 groups, including the normal, model, high-dose and low-dose groups. Rats of three groups except for the normal one were treated with perimenopausal modelling through the method of subcutaneous injection of compound 4-VCD for 15 consecutive days. Rats of the normal and model group were normally fed without any treatment. Rats of the high-dose and low-dose groups were administered by high- and low-dose intragastric administration of the extract of Polygala fallax Hemsl. According to the menstrual cycle of the vaginal smear of the rat, each menstrual cycle is a course of treatment and 6 consecutive courses of treatment would be given. The indexes of serum sex hormones (E2, FSH, LH) and ?-EP of rats in each group were observed after treatment. Results: After the treatment of 6 cycles, for the levels of ?-EP and E2, the model group was lowest (P<0.05), the normal group was highest (P<0.05); and the high-dose group was higher than the low-dose group; For the levels of FSH and LH, the normal group was lowest (P<0.05), the model group was highest (P<0.05), and the high-dose group was lower than the low-dose group. Conclusion: Guangxi characteristic national medicine Polygala fallax Hemsl can effectively improve the levels of serum sex hormones and ?-EP in perimenopausal rat models and relieve the related symptoms with a certain dose-effect relationship.