Application of Two Different Monitoring in Blood Purification Capacity Management


Objective: To explore the application value and nursing measures of pulse wave velocity dilution combined with continuous cardiac output measurement (PICCO) and trans arterial waveform analysis (Eduardo Vigileo) in continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) capacity management. Methods: 60 patients undergoing acute renal injury were divide into two groups, 30 randomly selected patients using PICCO for monitoring and the other 30 were monitored by Vigileo method. From the CI, SVR, SVV and other aspects of capacity management in comparison with the correlation between the two. Results: There were three correlations between CI, SVR and SVV. Conclusion: PICCO and Vigileo method have significant different in the capacity monitoring and management of patients with acute renal injury (P>0.05). However, due to the measurement of parameters in PICCO technique, shrink function and hemodynamic parameters of a more comprehensive reflection. And the only flow of micro-trauma, do not inject ice water to maintain the pipeline closed, reduce the infection is a major feature.