Clinical Observation on the Effect of Chinese Medicine Five-Color Therapy on the Treatment of Children with Chronic Urticaria


Objective: To analyze the clinical treatment effect of traditional Chinese medicine five-color therapy on chronic urticaria in children. Methods: The income data target of this article is 80 children with chronic urticaria. The grouping method is a randomized method with 40 children in each group. The experimental group was treated with five-color treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and the control group was treated with western medicine. The incidence, treatment and recurrence of adverse reactions in children with chronic urticaria were compared between the two groups. Results: Showed total effective rate of children with chronic urticaria in the experimental group was compared with the control group, P<0.05, the data showed statistical significance. Conclusion: Stated use of TCM five-color therapy in the treatment of children with chronic urticaria can significantly improve safety.