Effect of Nutritional Diet Therapy in Pediatric Diabetic Patients


Objective: To analyze the effect nutritional diet therapy in  pediatric diabetic patients. Methods: The study object was 60 cases of children with diabetes, which were divided into groups and treated separately according to the time of admission, and the treatment effects were compared. Results: After treatment, the glycated hemoglobin level, fasting blood glucose level, blood glucose level at 2 hours after meal, serum calcium level, transferrin level, albumin level, prealbumin level, hemoglobin level, the height, weight, and head circumference of the experimental group were better than those of the control group, and there were significant differences between the groups (P<0.05). Conclusion: The application of nutritional diet therapy in the treatment of pediatric diabetic patients can significantly improve blood glucose levels, nutritional indicators and physical indicators of patients.